Coarse and Carp Fishing Articles: Fishing Tips and Advice

'Kez' with a nice Carp
from Avallon Lodges

Our Coarse fishing articles and tips offer Carp and Coarse Fishermen advice on fishing in our Westcountry region

Some concentrate on specific areas and techniques for the coarse angler, others are of a more general nature. There are also contributions from the Environment Agency, Angling Trust, Salmon and Trout Association, Angling charities, Trusts and associations. We hope you enjoy reading, and find useful angling information within. The South West of England offers so much for the coarse angler to enjoy!
Title Datesort icon Author
19/06/2013 Environment Agency
21/05/2013 Environment Agency
Level 1 Course Dates 2012 12/10/2012 Angling Trust
24/08/2012 Angling Trust
09/07/2012 Angling Trust
About The BDAA 02/06/2011 Terry Moseley
Off The Top 02/06/2011 Graham Sleeman
South West Lakes Trust 2011 02/06/2011 South West Lakes Trust
The Unconventional Fly Fisher 15/04/2009 Nick Hart
Tackle Talk 15/04/2009 Mike Weaver
A Few Thoughts On Those First Casts 15/04/2009 Wayne Thomas
Before and after pictures of a newly constructed fry bayBefore and after pictures of a newly constructed fry bay Improving Fish Stocks On The Middle Dorset Stour 15/04/2009 Allan Frake
Giving ' Nature A Nudge' 15/04/2009 Allan Frake
Fishing With Wessex Water 15/04/2009 Wessex Water
Trout Angling At KennickTrout Angling At Kennick Fishing With South West Lakes Trust 15/04/2009 South West Lakes Trust
Fishing With Bristol Water 15/04/2009 Bristol Water
The Angling Trust 15/04/2009 Mark Lloyd
West Country Rivers Trust 15/04/2009 Toby Russell
A Season On The Hampshire Avon 05/03/2008 Budgie Price
The Light Fantastic 05/03/2008 Dominic Garnett
Keeping The Tills Rolling 05/03/2008 Steven Lockett
Angling & The Environment 05/03/2008 Mark Lloyd
Bristol Avon PikeBristol Avon Pike The Bristol Avon's Best Kept Secret 07/04/2007 Jon Berry
Bitter Sweet 05/03/2006 Graham Sleeman
Decline of the European Eel 05/03/2006 Toby Russell
Net Standards - A Real Success Story 05/03/2006 Bruno Broughton
Carp on a Dry Fly 04/04/2005 Mike Weaver
The Match Fishing Scene 04/04/2005 Tony Rixon
Getting back to basics 06/03/2004 Diane Holland
Day Ticket Waters in South Wessex 06/03/2004 Steve Martin
Match Fishing - What's the attraction? 06/03/2004 Max Palmer
Angling & Conservation Developing partnerships to improve habitats 05/04/2003 Allan Frake
Teaching Good Habits 05/04/2003 Steve Lockett
A Taste of Angling in Somerset 05/04/2003 Richard Blackie
The Get Hooked Top Five Tips 05/04/2003 Des Taylor
Travelling Light 05/04/2003 Chris Yates
Pleasure Carp Fishing 05/03/2002 Marcus Watt
Coarse Fishing in the Bristol Avon 05/03/2002 Mike Goodchild
The Gift of Angling 05/03/2002 Wayne Thomas
Prized Predators from the Exeter Canal 05/03/2002 Pete Gregory
A Wealth of Fishing for the All-Rounder 05/03/2002 Mike Winter
A Golden Pleasure 06/04/2001 Tom O'Reilly
Red Letter Day 06/04/2001 Graham Sleeman
The Big Freeze 04/04/2001 Graham Sleeman
A Selection of Baits for Coarse Fishing 04/03/2000 Roy Retallick
Luck and Stuff 01/03/1998 Graham Sleeman
Best Laid Plans 04/03/1997 Graham Sleeman
Coarse Fishing in the South Wessex Area 04/03/1997 Steve Carter
Roach, Carp & Parenthood 03/04/1985 Graham Sleeman