Game Fishing Articles: Fishing Tips and Advice

Salmon fishing on the
Fowey in Cornwall

These angling articles, some written specifically for Get Hooked, will help you get the most out of your fly fishing in the Westcountry.

There is advice on tackle, bait and where to fish. Some are specific to particular areas, others more general. Even seasoned local anglers are sure to find some useful information among them. Not all are advice, some are humorous, others intend to inform on ecological and environmental issues. We are sure you will enjoy reading them.
Title Datesort icon Author
Fly Fishing Courses at Wimbleball Somerset 2015 19/03/2015 John Dawson
17/01/2014 South West Lakes Trust
East Lyn Fishery to Remain Closed Sept 2013 11/09/2013 Environment Agency
21/05/2013 Environment Agency
South West Lakes Trust Trout Fishing Competitions 2013 18/04/2013 South West Lakes Trust
Environment Agency Fly Fishing Induction Days 18/04/2013 Environment Agency
18/04/2013 The Exmoor Society
South West Fishing For Life 13/03/2013 Gillian Payne
13/03/2013 Fred Leach
South West Fly Fair 2013 27/02/2013 South West Lakes Trust
2013 Fly Fishing Courses at Wimbleball Lake 22/02/2013 John Dawson
24/08/2012 Angling Trust
24/08/2012 Angling Trust
Fishing For Forces At Avon Springs 15/06/2012 Bill Howell
Casting For Recovery UK & Ireland 10/02/2012 Sue Shaw
Salmon Prepare To Spawn As Wet Weather Helps Restore Flows In South West Rivers December 2011 19/12/2011 Environment Agency
Lucy Bowden Talks About Fishing For Everyone And Her Passion For Angling November 2011 03/11/2011 Lucy Bowden
Explosives Used To Remove Weir From Dartmoor River - October 2011 26/10/2011 Environment Agency
13/07/2011 Salmon & Trout Association
11/07/2011 Salmon & Trout Association
About The BDAA 02/06/2011 Terry Moseley
A Golden Age Of Fly Tackle 02/06/2011 Mike Weaver
Fighting for More Fish and Fishing 02/06/2011 Mark Lloyd
If You Can’t See It How Can You Count It? 02/06/2011 Bill Beaumont
South West Fishing For Life 02/06/2011 Gillian Payne
South West Rivers Association 2011 02/06/2011 Roger Furniss
The Salmon & Trout Association 02/06/2011 Salmon & Trout Association
Wessex Chalk Stream & Rivers Trust 02/06/2011 Brian Marshall
15/04/2011 Salmon & Trout Association
03/03/2011 Derek Aunger
The Unconventional Fly Fisher 15/04/2009 Nick Hart
Tackle Talk 15/04/2009 Mike Weaver
A Few Thoughts On Those First Casts 15/04/2009 Wayne Thomas
Fishing With Wessex Water 15/04/2009 Wessex Water
Trout Angling At KennickTrout Angling At Kennick Fishing With South West Lakes Trust 15/04/2009 South West Lakes Trust
Fishing With Bristol Water 15/04/2009 Bristol Water
The Angling Trust 15/04/2009 Mark Lloyd
South West - Fishing For Life 15/04/2009 Patrick Veale
West Country Rivers Trust 15/04/2009 Toby Russell
South West Rivers Association 2009 15/04/2009 Roger Furniss
Salmon & Trout Association Westcountry Contacts 15/04/2009 Salmon & Trout Association
Trout On Tiny Streams 05/03/2008 Mike Weaver
Exmoor's Inspirational Streams 05/03/2008 Wayne Thomas
A Little Patience 05/03/2008 Nick Fisher
Casting For Recovery 05/03/2008 Charlotte Fiander
Fixing The Frome 05/03/2008 Nick Fisher
The HutThe Hut The Fisherman's Hut 07/04/2007 Wayne Thomas
My 45 years with a fishing pub 07/04/2007 Anne Voss-Bark
Trout in High Summer 07/04/2007 Mike Weaver
Wessex Salmon and Rivers Trust 07/04/2007 Brian Marshall
Fishing from a Female Point of View 05/03/2006 Lucy Bowden
Fowey River Water - A brief fisherman's review 05/03/2006 Bill Eliot
Get Hooked! - On the Westcountry 05/03/2006 Charles Jardine
River Trouting - Tips for Success 05/03/2006 Mike Weaver
Wessex Salmon and Rivers Trust 05/03/2006 Brian Marshall
The Wheelyboat Trust 05/03/2006 Andy Beadsley
Westcountry Rivers Trust 05/03/2006 Dylan Bright
The River Camel 04/04/2005 Jon Evans
Carp on a Dry Fly 04/04/2005 Mike Weaver
Sexy Trout 04/04/2005 Stewart Owen
Stream Fishing in Devon 06/03/2004 Bryan Martin
A Limit of Twelve 06/03/2004 Mike Weaver
The Experience Factor... 05/04/2003 Nick Hart
Going Wild 05/04/2003 Mike Weaver
Grayling in the South West 05/03/2002 Mike Weaver
The Saltwater Experience - Fly fishing in saltwater 05/03/2002 Derek Aunger
Fly Fishing for Sea Trout 06/04/2001 Roy Buckingham
Take to the Hills 06/04/2001 Mike Weaver
Wimp with a Wetfly 06/04/2001 JB
Young Angle 06/04/2001 Brian Gay
So, what's the attraction? 04/03/2000 Fiona Armstrong
The Bass Bug - Saltwater Fly Fishing for Bass 04/03/2000 Nick Hart
Brown Trout Hot Spots 04/03/2000 Mike Weaver
Sea Trout Fishing in Devon 06/04/1999 Roddy Rae
Techniques for River Trouting 06/04/1999 Mike Weaver
Westcountry Salmon Tactics 06/04/1999 Bob Wellard
Grayling in the South West 01/03/1998 David Pilkington
Wild Trout in the South West 01/03/1998 Mike Weaver
Game Fishing in the South West 04/03/1997 Mike Weaver
The Buzzer Factor 05/03/1996 Simon Gawesworth
Fish Taxidermy 05/03/1996 David McKinley
Thanks Dr Beeching 03/03/1994 Graham Sleeman
The West is Best! 03/03/1994 Simon Gawesworth