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The Fishing articles below provide information and contact details for Angling Associations, Charities and Angling bodies

Not all are specific to Game, Coarse or Sea Fishing. All the clubs and associations cover our South West region - an area which includes Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and a small part of Hampshire. We are keen to promote Angling events within our region. If you have an event or article you would like considered for publication on our website please email [email protected] along with your contact details.

Co-founded by John Kelley and his son, Fergus Kelley, this is the second ever annual exhibition which will exclusively feature fly fishing, outdoor lifestyle brands and experiences in central London in the Business Design Centre, Islington​ N1 0PW. Doors open 9am to 9pm each day.... Read more

London Fly Fishing Fair | February 25 2018 | Game Fishing Articles: Fishing Tips and Advice
South West Lakes Trust | February 10 2018 | Tips and Advice






Whether fishing from a boat or a bank, take care you don’t leave lines and leaders behind.  They can be a danger to wildlife - as well as an eyesore!

The money from your rod licence is re-invested by the EA in caring for the waters you fish.  Always ensure you have one!

Always wear glasses when you fish to protect your eyes:  many... Read more

Salmon & Trout Association | July 10 2009 | Other Articles
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Game anglers influencing national decision makers over the management and protection of salmon, trout and sea trout, the conservation of water and the diverse environments upon which all aquatic life depends.

Cornwall... Read more

Salmon & Trout Association | July 10 2009 | Other Articles
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Fish Legal (previously known as the Anglers' Conservation Association, founded in 1948) was set up to protect all coastal and inland waters in the United Kingdom from pollution and other damage. Water pollution, over-abstraction and habitat damage kills hundreds of thousands of fish each year, leaving a huge impact on aquatic ecosystems and local economies, not to... Read more

Fish Legal | July 10 2009 | Other Articles
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South West Fishing For Life was started early in 2008 by Gillian Payne as a non profit organisation to help anyone suffering from, or recovering from, breast cancer. Fly fishing has been found to be very beneficial to anyone with breast cancer as it tones muscles and talking to other people in the same situation always helps. Tuition and tackle is provided to allow a mornings fishing, with... Read more

Patrick Veale | May 29 2009 | Other Articles
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Bumper new ‘Get Hooked’ guide for South West anglers                                                    April 6th 2009

We want more people to go fishing, more often, and in more places..

A bumper new full-colour 228 page angling guide will help us to achieve this.It’s now available for game,... Read more

Environment Agency | October 7 2009 | Other Articles
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