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Help Shape the Future of Angling ~ Take part in National Angling Survey

Environment Agency & Substance
December 9 2018
National Angling Survey - A New National Strategy for Angling
TAKE PART in the National Angling Survey HERE.
A new National Angling Strategy is being produced to shape the future of the sport – and we need your help. The Environment Agency has commissioned research company Substance to research and develop a new National Angling Strategy for 2019-2024.
The strategy will consider:
  • How more people can take part so more people benefit from angling.
  • How angling can contribute to society in relation to health, sport and the environment.
  • The governance and funding of angling.
  • The development of both freshwater and sea angling.
  • How angling can help fisheries become more sustainable.
  • What work is being done?
  • Consultation with angling, environmental and sports bodies.
  • A National Angling Survey and surveys of junior anglers and non-anglers
  • The development of a draft strategy and further consultation.
  • The strategy will be published in Spring 2019.
  • How can YOU be involved?
Take the National Angling Survey and forward this page to all anglers and non-anglers you know.
Not an angler? We want to hear from you too!
The strategy is being developed in partnership with a range of bodies that the EA currently works with – such as the Angling Trust and angling charities; environmental organisations such as River Trusts; the Institute of Fisheries Management; and the angling trade. It covers England and Wales and freshwater and sea angling.
Adam Brown, Head of Research, Substance: [email protected]
Tom Sherwood, Senior Advisor (Partnerships), Environment Agency: [email protected]
Ground Floor, Canada House, Chepstow Street, Manchester 
M1 5FW
0161 244 5418
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