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Seeking local fishing knowledge - Can you help?

The Devon and Severn IFCA and North Devon Biosphere
October 11 2020
The Devon and Severn IFCA and North Devon Biosphere are asking for help from people who fish commercially and/or recreationally from North Devon and North Somerset, specifically those that fish for herring, bass, whelk, squid, and skates and rays. 
They are conducting a series of telephone interviews focusing on different issues or patterns that you have noticed while fishing and how these have changed over time. The purpose of these interviews is to gather and make the most of local knowledge from fishers (past and present) operating along the North Devon and North Somerset coast to feed into Fishery Research and Management Plans (FRMPs). 
Fishing North Devon & Somerset Coast
This is a real chance to ensure that the views of local fishers are accurately represented in these plans and are incorporated into any future management, where appropriate. 
These plans aim to bridge the gap between current, single species style fisheries management and enable the shift towards a more nature based, local approach for commercially important species in North Devon, where appropriate. 
If you would like to know more or are interested in being interviewed, please get in contact with Martin Peverley at [email protected] or ring 07395 358172 and leave a message and he’ll return your call.
Fishing Boat on River Torridge North Devon