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Fishing For Forces At Avon Springs

Bill Howell
June 15 2012


Fishing For Forces Day  25th May 2012. - Venue Avon Springs Trout Fishery

Fishing For Forces

The day started well with 24 guests from several units 13AASp , 16RA, 150 Provo Coy, 2RTR, 1IG both wounded and serving with 16 mentors to pass on the basics of fly fishing. T shirts and sunglasses were presented to the guests on arrival and tea & sarnies was followed by a casting demonstration (Gerald Hunt of Reel Friends) and then it was off to the waterside. Several fish were soon caught and the competetive spirit kicked in when it was announced there were a couple of tankards as prizes. Lunch was as usual a superb affair and those who did not rush back to the waterside promptly had second helpings (guilty m'lud). A number of large fish were caught and the scales were busy.                                                                                                                       Great Catch At Avon Springs in Wiltshire                                    Fishing For Forces At Avon Springs in WiltshireLake at Avon Springs in Wiltshire

Final whistle was blown at 16.00 and whislt tea and cakes were served final weights were established. L Cpl Rob Clark took largest fish with 8.5lbs and WO1 Rob Russell took largest bag with 4 fish at 19.12lbs.

Many of the guests complimented us by asking when the next event was. I will be posting comments on our website even the mentors said they got as much out of the day as the guests and asked to be included in all future events. Special thanks must go to all at the fishery and to Mjr Saunders and Lt Col Thorpe who assisted on all fronts along with all the mentors.

The day came to a stunning close when our sponsor Mr Jim Steele took a brownie of 10.4ozs from the river on a mayfly at dusk. " Priceless"