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South West Fishing for Life - Blakewell Trout Fisheries - Barnstaple

South West Fishing for Life
September 20 2017

South West Fishing For Life have started a new Fly Fishing group for breast cancer patients in North Devon.

Gillian Payne who founded the group says its offers support and new friendships for ladies that have had breast cancer or lymph node surgery.

Fly fishing not only provides gentle relaxing exercise, but in this wonderful atmosphere, refreshes the soul as well.

The group meet up every first Wednesday of the month 2-4pm at Blakewell Fisheries, Barnstaple, North Devon. No experience necessary.

To find out more info on joining the group call Gillian on Tel: 01398 371244, email [email protected] or visit

More about Blakewell Trout fishery 

South West Fishing For Life are holding an event on 3rd June 2018 at Wimbleball to celebrate 10 years of the group starting up. For more info please check their website nearer the date.