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Environment Agency - Where does my licence money go?

Environment Agency
June 18 2010


For those keen anglers who fish in England, Scotland or Wales and always pay their annual rod licence, you probably have wondered what happens to all of that money? Especially when in 2008 over 1.3 million were sold, a record sale. Well in this exclusive show we have brought you some answers. The Environment Agency has teamed up with to bring you a fantastic new and exclusive programme about where your licence money is spent.

The show takes you to the EA fish laboratory at Brampton and to the Calverton fish farm to show you some of the hard work that goes into the scientific research which is important in keeping the fish alive and healthy. We also head out and about on various rivers across the country with some of the Environment Agency teams, including a barbel refuge, the flood refuge scheme and electrofishing operation to see how they keep fisheries stocked and maintained.

We then spend a day in the life of the EA enforcement officers and learn about how important their job is and what they do to keep people from doing things they shouldn't be.