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Introducing BASS

Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society
June 9 2011


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The Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society (BASS) is both a fishing club and an organisation dedicated to the conservation of the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax).
BASS was formed in March 1973 following a meeting of bass anglers interested in fishing for and conserving the species. It argues that the bass fishing we used to have was better than what we have now. Better in terms of both numbers of bass and the sizes of bass caught, by anglers. The Society’s long term aim is to restore, at least in part, that situation. To further that aim it has set up a Restoration Project.
The majority of members live in the UK, although there are members living in Eire and other parts of Europe. Members come from all walks of life.
The Society encourages its members to fish in a sportsmanlike manner. They are requested to observe the minimum size limit of 18ins (45cm) recommended by the Committee in those instances when the occasional fish is taken for the table.
BASS members occasionally organise 'fish-ins', at venues around the coast of the UK. These are not run as competitions, instead they offer a chance for members to socialise, share ideas and visit new areas of the coast.
BASS publishes a quarterly magazine, which is supplied free to paid-up members.

Great catch

Each issue is packed with information about the activities of the Society and its members. Contributions to the magazine are welcome from all members, pictures, articles and reader's letters appear in the magazine (and on the website).
All BASS members, with a personal email address, are invited to join the password protected members only forum, where members can 'meet up' and discuss all aspects of bass fishing. Even if a member is not into 'chatting', the forum is worth a visit, if only to read the wealth of information about bass and bass fishing that has been posted there.
The Society is affiliated to the Angling Trust, maintains a membership of the Marine Biological Association and also has close links with Irish Bass,
If you are interested in bass fishing, and protecting stocks of fish for the future, have a look at our website; where contact details can also be found:

Alternatively contact us via:
Lee Campbell

BASS Membership Secretary

30 Daniel Street

Vale of Glamorgan

CF63 1QX